Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Press Gazette - Where Has It Gone?

Er, what's happened to the Press Gazette website? Has it been re-launched? It's certainly a radical new look. For the last few hours it's been looking like this:

The text says, "the domain name pressgazette.co.uk has been registered on behalf of a client of ours".
Is this a temporary outage, or something else?
I'm aware the Wilmington Group announced last month that the May 2009 issue would be the last, but I wasn't aware the website was disappearing too.
I'm very fond of the Press Gazette, formerly the UK Press Gazette (UKPG), which was a regular read when I worked at IRN and LBC in Gough Square (many years ago)!
It dates back to 1965 and provides insight and gossip about British newspapers.
I hope it's coming back soon.

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