Monday, 1 June 2009

My Quest to Buy a Kent On Sunday Continues

Undeterred by yesterday's events (see blog below) and determined to buy an elusive Kent On Sunday (even at the new 90p price), I stopped at three newsagents on my journey to work on the outskirts of Maidstone this morning.
The first was a Londis mini-mart. "They only sent us 4 copies" the woman told me, "And we sent them all back. They were charging 90p each for them! People are used to picking them up and putting them in their bags. How are we supposed to stop that".
The plot thickened at the news agent down the road. "The wholesaler didn't have any" he said, "I think they've stopped printing them".
Thrid stop a post office and news agent. "They've started charging 90p for them" the man explained, "We're not stocking them unless someone wants to order one".

Graham Majin is a former BBC News Producer. He's currently Head of Video Production and Video Marketing at Kent Video Production Company Kersh Media and KWIKVID.


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